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  • Investors

    Join Techexit Investors' Club and you will be served with innovative, disruptive, and lucrative proposals specifically matching to your investment interests. Techexit works only with the most promising entrepreneurial businesses that have strong management and develop unique products, required by a large market.
    The information that we will deliver to you thru a bi-weekly email, will provide you with great insight of new technologies and great opportunities for you to share.
    Private placements generally represent smaller capital raises for younger companies, but the Investments in early-stage private companies are very rewarding and promise greater return.
    Note: The investment proposals displayed in our site are of private placement Investments, available only to accredited investors.
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  • Entrepreneurs

    Techexit's Investors' Club supports brilliant inventions, by connecting entrepreneurial companies with serious Investors. The Investors club consists of professional investors, with a serious funding intentions. The platform includes accredited Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Grants, Private Equity Fund, Investment Bankers, Family Offices, Strategic Partners' funds, and more.
    The platform generates a bi-weekly email of investments opportunities delivered to investors based on the specified interests. The proposals are derived from the information uploaded by entrepreneurial companies searching for investments.
    The Investors' Club is monitored by our experienced team, who provides professional input, and personal attention to every company's proposal, helping every company to achieve its funding goal.
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  • Techexit

    TechExit provides entrepreneurs and startups all the services they need to achieve success by giving them access to 35 years of contacts with technology development, investors and clients, and it is the only method that generates success and makes real difference for entrepreneurs through support and help.
    Among the services provided by Techexit are: mentoring, workspace, investment opportunities, business development, software development, tools, and more all under one roof and all aimed to generate success to all of the Investors club's participants.
    The Team at TechExit is combined of highly professional and dedicated individuals who work diligently with the companies, and lead them to their goal. The companies assigned with a devoted, professional project manager who supervises the work till completion.


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